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Great taste is the name of the game and we're committed to stepping up to the plate. Our goal is provide delicious, authentic Filipino dishes and more. We prepare all of our meals with fresh ingredients prepared from scratch. We can also cook for you other types of food that we think are delicious or highly pleasant to the taste! And you will see them featured here in our website photos.


Are you looking for someone to provide the food at your next event? Large or small, we do it all! Get in touch to start planning the perfect meal for a business lunch, wedding, cocktail reception, and more! We cook and can deliver the food to you if applicable. We can also do catering service such as help you set up table/s and set up the food we deliver for a fee. Our trays are full and will be delivered to you promptly.


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Photo Gallery

All menus listed in the photo gallery can also be ordered anytime.

  1. Pinoy Spaghetti with grated parmesan cheese
  2. Salt and pepper shrimp
  3. Sotanghon noddles with stir fried pork
  4. Pinoy Spaghetti without cheese
  5. Chicken curry or yellow curry
  6. Adobong Mani - Red peanuts - Stir fried with garlic
  7. Fish Escabeche - used sheepshead
  8. Chicken Tinola
  9. Cajun crawfish boil
  10. Squid with black ink sauce
  11. Pork Egg rolls with sweet chili sauce
  12. Pork stew or pork nilaga with loaded vegetables
  13. Stir fried pork liempo and vegetables
  14. BBQ pork liempo
  15. Egg drop soup
  16. Pork potstickers
  17. Chicken potstickers
  18. Pastillas de leche
  19. Whole squid cooked in coconut milk with spices and vegetables
  20. Mushroom with batter and ranch dipping sauce
  21. Chicken siomai soup
  22. Combo of Pansit bihon with egg rolls
  23. Chicharon monggo with vegetables
  24. Crispy fried chicken
  25. Fried pork liempo
  26. Pork menudo
  27. Lechon kawali - deep fried pork liempo
  28. Pork siomai soup
  29. Pork kare kare
  30. Pinakbet
  31. Seafood mix with coconut milk and spices
  32. Seasoned pan fried jumbo scallops
  33. Orange Perfection special marinated pork slices
  34. Large chicken egg rolls
  35. Fish relleno
  36. Chicken hamonado
  37. Chicken with crab meatballsin a skewer
  38. Marinated chicken wings - different spices produces different deliciously tasting chicken 
  39. Pico de gallo
  40. Homemade honey mustard
  41. Sotanghon guisado with chicken and vegetables
  42. Sweet chili sauce
  43. BBQ chicken with honey and lemon pepper
  44. Large fried shrimp marinated with soda and spices
  45. Salt and pepper seafood mix
  46. Filipino spaghetti topped with grated parmesan cheese and lots of parsley
  47. Chicken afritada
  48. Lumpiang shanghai or egg rolls
  49. Pansit bihon with stir fried pork and vegetables
  50. Pork adobo
  51. Jumbo shrimp with cajun spices
  52. Honey butter pepper shrimp
  53. Twisted rolls
  54. Jumbo bread roll
  55. Longganisa and shrimp fried rice
  56. Marinated fried sheepshead
  57. Pork embutido - Meatloaf
  58. Pork baby back ribs stew with vegetables
  59. Calamares - whole squid no head with batter
  60. Lemon garlic butter medium tailed shrimp peeled and deveined
  61. Chicken curry with coconut powder mixed with pork sausage and a variety of vegetables
  62. Pork bagnet - with crispy skin fried pork belly
  63. Orange Perfection Crispy fried chicken with Parmesan and our special multi spices
  64. Red plain tender juicy hotdogs
  65. Chicken wings creamy adobo
  66. Ginataang pork giniling with quail eggs and vegetables - Ground meat plus quail eggs with coconut cream and vegetables

Previous Offers

Order 3 trays = Get 1 free half tray of Pinoy Spaghetti with grated parmesan cheese! 

Offer good until May 23 2018!

Previous Events

APRIL 30 2018 - $ 9.00 PLATE SALE!


Please message me (Milo) in advance re how many plates you will need on April 30 2018. 

(1) Email -orangeperfectioncatering@gmail.com
(2) Text - (956) 252-3680
(3) Text - (956) 342-6385
(4) Messenger
All orders will be verified.
Plate Sale: Meet up or Delivery if applicable to location
Food prepared in Edinburg.
(1) Fried Rice
(2) Honey Butter Fried Pork Chop
(3) Chicken Afritada with Vegetables - stew made of chicken pieces, potatoes, carrots and bell peppers cooked in fresh tomato sauce.
(4) Salt Pepper
(5) Spoon Fork Knife Napkin 

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Accepts all orders big or small. 

Accepts orders from the following:

Announce coming events

Recipe classes will be held once a month. Featured Recipe for the month will be from the Website Menu and cost will be $10.00 per person. 


Customers that have tried our menus are very appreciated for their support.


1. Per tray - Price depending on the type of dish ordered / size of tray.

2. Individual Order Per person:

Breakfast  Combo Meal - $ 8.00

Lunch Combo Meal - $ 10.00

Dinner Combo Meal - $ 10.00

***All Combos includes Rice.

***Minimum number of order for Combo meals - 5 orders.

Event Combo Meals: Description and prices will vary. Will be posted in the event page.


50% down payment and remaining 50% must be paid upon receiving the full Order.

Types of Trays:

(1)  Half Size - 12.75 in x 10.375 in x 2.562 in.

(2)  Full Size - 20.75 in x 12.81 in x 3.18 in.